I'm having some odd responses from my LAN ?

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I'm having some odd responses from my LAN ?

Post by vanda32547 » Thu Jan 20, 2005 7:02 pm

Hello All,

Hopefully someone can help me with my networking problem too? Here is my info;

We have an old PowerMac 8500, a G5, a G4 laptop (both the G5 & G4 are running Panther) and a Pentium PC (running Window 98). Currently the laptop is connected via a D-Link wireless router.

- The laptop can see the PC (running PC MacLan) and the PC can see the laptop and exchange shared folders. (Laptop is via D-Link wireless router and PC is hardwired to one of the ports on the same router)

- The laptop can also see the G5 and share files, but the G5 can not see the G4 unless it is hooked up directly to the Ethernet cable and not running through the D-Link wireless router. The G5 can not see the PC.

- The laptop can not see the PowerMAC 8500.

- The PowerMAC 8500 can not see the laptop nor the PC.

- The G5 sees the PowerMAC 8500 and can exchange files and the 8500 can see the G5 and exchange files but neither can see the laptop or PC

Here is the way the DSL is routed in my network ...
The DSL comes into its receiver and feeds a breakout router which feeds the G5, 8500 and D-Link Wireless Router. The D-Link Router feeds the PC and the G4 Laptop.

GEEZ is this confusing enough yet? I hope someone can help me with suggestions or solutions to our problem.


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Re: I'm having some odd responses from my LAN ?

Post by Kulgan » Fri Jan 21, 2005 8:22 am

Read the README on this forum.



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