Unable to host internet website using LAN

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Unable to host internet website using LAN

Post by fah_metal » Mon Nov 21, 2005 6:05 pm


I used to host a website from my home server (www.anaikar.no-ip.org) but then later on i switched from a USB modem to a LAN router based modem.

Now none of my friends are able to connect to my website.

Earlier when i had a USB modem all i had to do was go to no-ip.com and put in my ip address(used to change everytime i connected to the internet)
ask windows firewall to unblock port 80, turn on the webserver and everyone was able to connect to the internet.

Now i have a strange problem...

ipconfog shows
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

when i go to google and type "What is my ip?" [without quotes]
i get the following:-

Your IP Is WhatIsMyIP.com
WhatIsMyIP.com is the easiest way to determine your IP address.
www.whatismyip.com/ - 2k - 19 Nov 2005 - Cached - Similar pages

when i click on the link on what is my ip.com it shows the following as my ip
IP :

Question 1 : So what is my IP? [ipconfig][whatismyip.com(before clicking the link in google)][whatismyip.com(after clicking the link in google)]

When i asked my ISP he gave me a strange explanation, what he said was--> From the internet to my ISP on DYNAMIC IP, from the ISP to my home on STATIC IP.

On i can see my website.
On i get could not connect to webserver
On i get a bunch of info, where the heading says this page shows the status of your connection.
It shows me the following
This page shows the status of your connection
WAN IP Address: WAN Settings...
Local IP Address: LAN Settings...
Advanced Diagnostics
Connection Authentication: None Login Settings...
Port Connection Status
Port Type Connected Line State
Ethernet ethernet
WAN Status
IP Address Type: Static IP Address Settings...
WAN Subnet Mask: None
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS: DNS Client Settings...
LAN Status
LAN Subnet Mask:
Act as Local DHCP Server: Yes DHCP Server Settings...
MAC Address: 00:09:60:00:54:A9
Hardware Status
Up-Time: 345:32:09s
Version: Ethernet gateway: TERA1000S H210_ (ISOS 8.2) / He100/2xx CSP v2.3 (ISOS 8.2) []
Vendor: GlobespanVirata
Defined Interfaces
aa: Show Statistics...
Default LAN Port: Show Statistics...

Question 2 : How do i make my friends see my website on the internet?

Windows XP home SP2
Network Activ webserver 3.5
AmdTek ethernet card
Yozan Webdistributor II router
My connection setting is as follows:-
Only one computer which contains 1 ethernet card which is connected to my router (ADSL connection) which is connected to my phone line(my ISP)

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Post by danwilkie » Mon Nov 28, 2005 2:09 pm

Whatsmyip after clicking Google is your routers public IP. You'll need to look at the router and set up a redirection. Basically, it varies from router to router but is usually NAT Translation, a Virtual Server or something like that. Basically, you need to redirect traffic on port 80 of the public IP to port 80 of your server (The IPCONFIG address).
Dan Wilkie
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Unable to host internet website using LAN

Post by fah_metal » Tue Nov 29, 2005 1:33 pm


Thanks for the reply..

Thanks for the info in NAT translation
My router cannot port forward, so my ISP gave me the following solution instead...
we created a dialer PPPoE so that my ip will now show the dynamic ip that others see and then use that IP on no-ip.com.

Solves the webserver problem and has created a new one. I now have to 'dial' in order to connect which just suks.

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