chieftech scorpio cases

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chieftech scorpio cases

Post by biggles » Sat Dec 07, 2002 2:50 pm

thought i might do one of these.

ok from the moment i received my tower i was impressed, its build quality is immense and just picking up its light body you can tell its as strong as a brick shit house'.
the front door panel is solid, and when opened reveals a remarkebly lush drive sector,
the side panel is a bit tinny as you remove it, but you'll get over it.
the inside is just as nice, no crappy pop out pci sections that fuck you over when getting ure irq's right, and you have more than enough included screws for everything.
your 5 1/4inch drives are screwed onto rails while outside the case, (no fiddling!!!!) then slide nicely into the case throught the front, there is a clip of sorts as apart of the rail, and just push these into the middle to remove the drive, of course you have lots of rails;)
and as you look inside at the 3.5inch bays you are astounded to c that the whole block comes out!!!! so you can install your drives easily, then clip the whole block back in, and of course there is a big clip that has lush sex with your fans, no more screws! and there are two more lush purpel clips on the back for 2 more fans,

i will only list the con, since there are so many pros.

con #1) locking doors, sort of cool, but eventually you just end yup leaving them unlocked all the time and is just annoying. of course the can actually scre the side door down, just dont keep yanking the door wondering why it wont open!

gtg, the bigger tower will have more of stuff presumably

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Post by Kulgan » Sat Dec 07, 2002 10:12 pm

I'll just add my 2 cents here, as a number of other SG guys have Chieftec cases - Pete, mid_gen, Chief (unsurprisingly), MaxRabbit, plus more (probably). I also own two Chieftec Dragons (same inside, funky outside).

The best thing about these cases is the easy maintainablity of your machine - the hard drive bays slide out, as do the 5/1/4" drives, and there are no less than 5 built in fan bays (1 on the side panel). The side panel comes with thumbscrews by default, and everything's really nicely put together.

As biggles says, the only annoying factor is that every front control's hidden behind the door, so if you use your external drives often, this may piss you off slightly.

If you're looking for a new case, look no further than the Chieftecs... good resellers are (no PSU) or, though they're increasingly being stocked by other companies as well...

As an aside, as far as I can figure out another company has started rebranding Chieftec chassis under the name of "Antec". Some of these cases look quite sweet from the front, and have the added bonus of front USB ports.


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Post by Chief » Sun Dec 08, 2002 2:26 am

aye.. sweet cases (i have 2 now), unfortunatly, i dont own the company that makes em...

i have plans to get 2 more... black, and probably purple.

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Post by Spey » Sun Dec 08, 2002 4:24 pm

i went and bought the new aluminium body dragon the other day for my new server box, and i was mightily impressed to say the least, my old stalwart globalwin 802 can stand down now i think.

possibly the lightest case ive ever had, also stylish as f00k with fantastic build quality, only downside i can see with it really is a lack of a mobo tray that can slide out the rear, but im sure the easy access door panel with thumscrews makes up for it really

echoing whats said before the buttons behind the door aspect can be annoying, but mines a server so very rarely do i ever open the panel anyway

all hail chieftec

(btw love those 5.25 bracket things)
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