Useful Links For Wannabe Musicians

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Useful Links For Wannabe Musicians

Post by LazyManc » Thu Oct 31, 2002 6:16 pm

Ok, some useful links for those learning guitar or just interested...

TabTalk - Vast listing of guitar tabs
WholeNote - Online guitar community with some great free tutorials

More to be added when I can be arsed lookin through my big book o'links...


Post by biggles » Thu Oct 31, 2002 6:22 pm


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guitars again? right on!

Post by Sharpe » Thu Oct 31, 2002 9:48 pm Good place for getting guitars, they got some nice ones for sale (JS200).

Im looking for a effects pedal to do bon jovi like stuff wondering if any one can help me with urls of good shops or somthin?
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