USB connection wireless problem

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USB connection wireless problem

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I have a problem with a modem's usb connection to a switch/router and would appreciate any help
I have a Linksys wired/wireless router/switch and a USB Linksys wirelless adapter.
I wanted to create a Lan with 3 pc's, two of them connected "wiredly" and the third "wirelessly".
The problem is that I have an ADSL Usb modem that I can't connect to the switch ethernet port, so I have to use one of the pc's as the router (host) for the internet connection.
To do that, I turned the switch's DHCP off, so the other computers could receive an IP adress from the host.
The wired pc's work just fine and access internet but the wireless pc is unable to access it, altough the wirelless LAN connection is ok and the internet connection on the host is detected.
Please tell me if I have to buy a usb to ethernet adaptor for the modem or if there is any other way

Thanks in advance (sorry for poor english :roll: )

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