Next Shotgun Lan?

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Next Shotgun Lan?

Post by Wire » Wed Oct 03, 2007 12:41 pm

Anyone up for trying to organize an other lan at the usual place?

I keep getting invited by friends in Bracknell to attend the Multiplay event which happens at Newbury racecourse and I went to one of them but they are crap!

All lan traffic is automatically monitored and you get banned if you share files
you have to camp outside in the cold
it's £80!
there are too many pro-gamers and you have no chance in hell to win anything (although watching the Q4 final was awsome)

I have access to game servers and switches should we need them and can HELP pay for stuff too if there is a shortfall - note the emphasis on HELP ;)

What do you think? we could try and get this to be a regular event again, as far as I know there is nothing local running in either Reading, Bracknel, Woking or anywhere else.
We can do it!

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