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It's alive! Well, sort of. This is nostly here as a nostalgia trip. Let us know if you saw this!

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Server upgrade killed the site a month or two ago. Bet you all noticed.

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Well, I just paid to renew the domain for another 2 years, so there may as well at least be something on the news page.

Now to see how many people have this in their RSS reader and have otherwise forgotten ;)


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And I've got one of these new fangled Wii things to replace my aging XBox.

No real news here... If anyone fancies trashing me at Mario Kart or similar, relevant friend codes can be found in the comments thread :)

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Morning all,

Just a few last minute bits about SG20 this weekend - Go see the announcements in the [url=]forums[/url].

Read this lot people - It's important ;)

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Oooo it's just so exciting! Go make sure you're all signed up; we'll see you there!

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Evening all,

As per my rather long winded email that I just sent out, if you're coming along to the event, [url=]go sign up[/url]. Full text of the email can be found over [url=]here[/url].

One point I missed from the email - Just to remind everyone that the forums (including these news items) have an RSS feed now. Until I work out the magic linkage HTML, they're at [url][/url].

Go sign up then...

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And we're on!

SG20 is officially good to go - See all the details at [url=]this forum thread[/url].

Go sign up then!!!

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Cogs are whirring, monkets are waking this space....

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We're not dead yet...

Just a reassuring note to everyone out there :)

We're working on a date for SGXX - watch this space.

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The forums will be going down briefly to update them to the latest revision.

We will also be removing/adjusting some of Pete's custom LAN code in increase maintainability in the future - this will be replaced with separate pages.

Please - do not panic.

UPDATE: Forums updated. Work is ongoing to replace LAN custom code with custom PHP pages.

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Just a quick note to you guys - Intel's "Intel Extreme Edition Challenge 3: BLOODLINE" LAN party is running 3-5th December in London. Looks like a brilliant event - prizes, tourneys, the whole caboodle. More information at [url][/url] and our forum post [url][/url].

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Righty -

First, an apology - SG has been stalled a little of late, and that's largely my fault. I'm changing jobs at the moment, moving house and all the hassle that come with it. Until recently, I've not had firm dates for any of this, so it's made event planning a little difficult. I hereby apologise for depriving you lot of a new event :)

However, this should all be getting sorted out today as I go sign for a flat and the like. From here, I'll be in a semi-stable situation to get a new SG off the ground. Of course, this is subject to the Admins usual procrastination and pratting about. You're prolly (at a very rough guess) looking about 2-3 months from now (late Feb/early March), though frankly, it could be any time at this stage.

For those interested, I'm moving back to Basingstoke, and going to work in Southampton on Digital TV things.

So, there we are. I'll be firing the appropriate emails about to admin folks this morning, and we'll keep you posted. Cheers for hanging about :)

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Suddenly realised that we may not have advertised this properly - Apologies if we have... I'm losing it :)

As most of you will know, Kulgan (aka Nick) bowed out of SG at the last event to follow interests in this real world thing.

So - We need a replacement admin. It will suprise no-on to learn that we invited the good Mr Chief to join our team. He's gonna be taking care of all the bits Nick used to, which means he'll be running the event now while Chris and I concentrate on getting drunk and being loud.

For those not familiar with Mr Chief - he appreciates DHCP servers and ICS [url=]even less than I do[/url].

So there we are - I'd like to welcome him to the team and all that, and look forward to abusing him about Linux.

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Morning all,

Today sees me getting my new News system thingy properly setup - All integrated with the forums and all that junk. You can comment on News posts in there any everything.


In short, be aware that you may see a few problems with it. Let me know if you do. Ta.

Note that you can get the old news and stuff over [url=]here[/url]

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